Fat Transfer to the Face

I often get questions about procedures that can help give a youthful facial appearance, but are not quite as invasive as some of the other procedures available. While fillers such as Juvederm can fill in these problem areas for many individuals, it sometimes only lasts 6-9 months depending on the patient. Fat transfers to the face are a great way to have a longer lasting solution to the individuals problem areas.

Take a look and enjoy!

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Age Limits on Plastic Surgery?

Recently, an article by ABC on an 83 year old woman getting plastic surgery was brought to my attention. Now, while most of the patients in this office are not in their 80s, I can see how this type of issue would cause a bit of controversy. When is old, too old for surgical enhancement?

A widow for more than 10 years, 83-year-old Marie Kolstad from Orange county recently opted for breast implants. She is an upbeat and energetic 83-year-old woman. She feels young. She is mentally stable. She continues to work her career. She is healthy. Most importantly, she chose this for herself just like every other decision she makes every day.

A lot of people would say it’s too risky for her to have a procedure in which she is put under general anesthesia to be cosmetically enhanced. Why? Everyone needs medical testing before surgery to ensure they are healthy enough for the procedure they are about to receive. Her doctor probably had her go through all the hoops a young fit person would do and then some, I am sure. If he felt she was healthy enough for surgery, then so be it.

The ridicule here I don’t think is the fact that she altered her appearance. She didn’t do it for prospective suitors, she did it for herself and her comfort. Age affects a woman’s body greatly. She didn’t get over the top sized implants; she went the modest route. The issue here is strictly her safety. If a patient is mentally with it to still have a career, get around on their own, make their own meals, and survive virtually on their own, then they are mentally stable enough to make a decision about their own bodies.

In short, GOOD FOR MARIE! Age is merely a number; a number that should not be the sole decision maker in someone’s life. Live as young as you feel; for as long as you possibly can!

Plastic Surgery is for Men, too!

I was recently reading a great article from The Washington Post, titled “Why are more men opting for cosmetic surgery?”

Why do I find this article so intriguing? Perhaps because it is so accurate! Cosmetic procedures aren’t just for women anymore, nor have they always been. Men are self conscious just as women are, though they feel cosmetic surgery is a thing women do.

I see more and more men coming through the office wanting an eyelid lift or a facelift. I even have men that come in wanting a male breast reduction, known as gynecomastia. If a minor procedure can benefit a woman’s self-confidence and even direct her to a happier lifestyle, why can’t men benefit from this as well? They can!

It is true with the current economy changes that the younger you appear, the “luckier” you are to remain in the market as fresh, upcoming, and valuable. Unfortunately times have changed and with this change has come a different aspect of looking at one’s self-worth. Not only do you have to prove your skill level and competency, but you now have to possess that look of vibrancy and vitality. The job market has gotten tougher, so why shouldn’t men and women alter their appearances with minimally invasive procedures to boost their chances of scoring that job?

In short, men shouldn’t be embarrassed to want a little sprucing in their physical appearance. Just a simple eyelid procedure or neck liposculpture can make a dramatic difference in appearance. Botox and Juvederm are great alternatives to surgical procedures that can take years off a person!

Cosmetic surgery is NOT just for women. It is for all genders, shapes, and sizes.

Just some thoughts from my corner of the world…

Mineral Makeup, is it for you?

There always seems to be a constant debate whether or not mineral makeup is the way to go. Like any product on the market it has its pros and cons. In this post, we will go over a few and allow you to decide whether mineral makeup is the right fit for your lifestyle.


~ Loose mineral makeup is “Non-Comedogenic.” This means that people with acne prone skin or sensitive skin have a less chance of having a break out or reaction to mineral makeup. Non-comedogenic products have far less ingredients than traditional foundations. Mineral makeup is usually based off of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica, iron oxides, and ultramarines.

~UV Protection is a huge plus with mineral makeup. As I mentioned in a previous post, it is crucial to keep your skin protected head to toe from the sun, especially your face. Titanium oxide and iron oxide are great sources of sun protection making mineral makeup a great protector against UV rays.

~Being able to control your coverage with mineral makeup is always a nice incentive. You can have a light sheer coverage or go heavier and have complete coverage. It’s up to you and your brush with mineral makeup!

~Believe it or not, mineral makeup is pretty water resistant! After a day of swimming, your mineral makeup can still stay put if it is good quality. Though, this is never a guarantee just as with sunscreen. It can sweat off, rub off, or just plain wash off!


~Unfortunately, mineral makeup is more expensive than traditional foundations. You also need to invest in a brush to apply the makeup. As with traditional makeup, you can just rub it on with your hands or a cheap sponge. Quality brushes give the best coverage and do come with a price tag.

~My my, can mineral foundation make a mess! As it is a loose powder, when applying it goes EVERYWHERE! Your bathroom may become a lightly tanned shade until you clean it up. Though this seems like a silly con, it does bug many consumers.

~If too much mineral foundation is applied, it can give a very shiny caked on look. Though, such is the case with traditional foundations, it is easy to over use this product. It is best to start in light layers and slowly add to it as necessary.

Well I hope this clears some things up; including your complexion! ;oP