Age Limits on Plastic Surgery?

Recently, an article by ABC on an 83 year old woman getting plastic surgery was brought to my attention. Now, while most of the patients in this office are not in their 80s, I can see how this type of issue would cause a bit of controversy. When is old, too old for surgical enhancement?

A widow for more than 10 years, 83-year-old Marie Kolstad from Orange county recently opted for breast implants. She is an upbeat and energetic 83-year-old woman. She feels young. She is mentally stable. She continues to work her career. She is healthy. Most importantly, she chose this for herself just like every other decision she makes every day.

A lot of people would say it’s too risky for her to have a procedure in which she is put under general anesthesia to be cosmetically enhanced. Why? Everyone needs medical testing before surgery to ensure they are healthy enough for the procedure they are about to receive. Her doctor probably had her go through all the hoops a young fit person would do and then some, I am sure. If he felt she was healthy enough for surgery, then so be it.

The ridicule here I don’t think is the fact that she altered her appearance. She didn’t do it for prospective suitors, she did it for herself and her comfort. Age affects a woman’s body greatly. She didn’t get over the top sized implants; she went the modest route. The issue here is strictly her safety. If a patient is mentally with it to still have a career, get around on their own, make their own meals, and survive virtually on their own, then they are mentally stable enough to make a decision about their own bodies.

In short, GOOD FOR MARIE! Age is merely a number; a number that should not be the sole decision maker in someone’s life. Live as young as you feel; for as long as you possibly can!