Why Sunscreen is SO important!

Sunscreen has become such a hot topic in recent years. Why is it so important?

Sun damage. That’s why!

You only get one chance with the skin you have. It’s the first thing people see when they look at you and it stays with you forever.

Taking care of your skin on a constant basis by applying a sunscreen with a sufficient SPF will help you avoid early aging, wrinkles, skin cancer, and sun damage. You can get sun damage without even getting sunburn!

If you are exposed to the sun, it damages your skin more and more over time. Using a sunscreen with a higher SPF (Sun Protection Factor) will protect your skin from both UVB (shorter ultraviolet wavelengths that cause sunburn) and UVA (longer ultraviolet rays that also cause sun damage by penetrating the skin and damaging connective tissue at deeper levels). 

It is crucial to protect your body from both UVB and UVA exposure. Remember, the higher the SPF, the better protected you are.

Be sure to apply sunscreen liberally and reapply often. It comes off easily from exposure to water, sweat, rubbed off, or removed in any other way.

One of my personal favorite sunscreens is Ti-Silc SPF 45 and SPF 60. They have great coverage, can be used under makeup, and protect your skin from damage!

Be smart before you hop into the pool, head out on a hiking trail, or take your bike for a spin and lather up!  

If interested in Ti-Silc SPF 45, which comes in both tinted and un-tinted, please give Jennifer a call at the office. We can even ship it straight to your home! Mention this blog and we will give you free shipping!



3 comments on “Why Sunscreen is SO important!

  1. Margaret says:

    I’ve been using the Ti Silc 60 for YEARS – LOVE it AND have recommended it over the years. CANNOT find it now…??? look in EVERY site possible that sells OR sold it and it is UNAVAILABLE or OUT OF STOCK…???

    • Hi Margaret!

      Ti-Silc has been discontinued by the company Procyte and they do have a shelf life, which is maybe why you can’t find it for sale anywhere. However, they have offered their Neova DNA Damage Control Everyday SPF 43 as an alternative. It is a bit lighter in consistency than the Ti-Silc was. So far our patients have been happy with it as a substitute for the Ti-Silc. It comes in a tinted version as well just like the Ti-Silc, which patients love. It’s worth a shot!


  2. TG says:

    Dr. Weil, thanks for your information. I’m another Ti-Silc fan who is disappointed that it’s gone. (I feel like, when I like something, it’s the kiss of death! ha) Will consider your suggestion on the substitute.

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